Shipping from US or Container Sharing


Jul 15, 2008
I have to get 2 paintings down to Buenos Aires from the East coast (US). They are large (40inx58in). Straight up shipping with a DHL-type carrier will cost me an arm and a leg, right? I've heard that sometimes you can share space in a ship's container with other people who are doing an international move. Any idea of how that works?
My parents did that when they moved to Europe. The shipping and freight company had a very large container and they combined other people's belongings and some commercial packages in order to fill it up. It doesn't really affect you in anyway except by price, because if you were to pay for your own container it would be very expensive.

You might have to be flexible with the dates because some will not ship until the container is 100% full.

BTW, my parents didn't have any problems. Just make sure you get proper insurance.
What you need is a freight consolidator. But two paintings is a mighty small amount of freight for people like this.

You might try these guys- havent used them, but they are the type of business you would want-

I think your best bet, however, would be to have the paintings unframed, rolled up, and shipped fed-ex or DHL in a tube, then have them restretched and framed here- framing in BA is quite reasonable compared to the USA.

Even better- put em in a tube, and check em as luggage. I have brought down tubes 7' long with rolled up artwork in them, checked, no extra charge, no hassles at customs. Not a word, at customs, in fact.