Should Maradonna be sacked - or even walk!


Nov 2, 2008
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Yesterday, 06:52 PM

Shouldn't Maradona be in jail for a hit and run or something not to mention his drug use?

Didn't he even admit to cheating in one of his own world cup performances back in the 80's?

I find it interesting that such a useless individual can be idolized when his personal behavior and attitude is completely immoral. Tragic that a country uses this as a symbol of their nation. Put him in the same cell with D'Elia. They have much in common.

Comment's like this really grind my gears. What has any of these things got to do with football. Plus you could say that about a lot of different people in Argentina. In all sectors. He is idolized as he was possible the greatest footballer of all time, that just happens to be probably the most followed sport or even activate world wide. How about you stop whining about him. He was from the poorest of the poor and became the most idolized person in world sport. He dealt with it badly at times but it does not make him a bad person. He is allowed be human you know. Please dismount your high horse especially while you live in Argentina please.

On the football side of things, I agree he is out of his depth but there is no one at the moment to replace him at such a late stage in qualifying. Argentina will still Qualify I reckon and maybe could finish forth if you look at the fixtures closely.
I was at the Argentina Brazil game, I watch it again after on TV and you would have to blame the players also. The first Goal was so bad, no coaches are at fault for that. Even school boys team let alone professional team, would know you have to mark Brazil's tallest player inside you box. Crazy!!!
Where is GONZALO HIGUAIN? Sadly he is sitting on the Real Madrid Bench this year due to the signings of all the top players to Madrid. He would greatly improve the Argentine team though.

Well I will be hoping and trying to believe they can.
Vamos Argentina.

Rick Rogers

Feb 26, 2009
As a loyal supporter of England who remembers 'The Hand of God', I'd like to say that I've really enjoyed watching the recent performances by Maradona's team! Clueless and running around like a bunch of headless chickens. I must say it takes some doing to reduce a group of world class players into such a disorganised rabble.

Maradona was undoubtedly a wonderful player but he's useless as a coach. He has no idea of tactics and leaves out some of his best players for childish, personal reasons. For example, how can he leave out Cambiasso of Inter Milan? He's probably been the best midfielder in Serie A for the past two years. Absolute madness. And Cambiasso's only one example. He's left out many a world class player.

I don't know where all the Argentina fans are now who were telling me only a matter of months ago that they were the best team in the world and were easily going to win the world cup...maybe crying into their maté.

Let me offer them some consolation. Cheer up!

Yes, cheer up Argentina fans, because whilst Maradona hasn't got a clue as a manager, even he can't fail to coach the side to victory against whipping boys Peru in the next game, thereby securing at least fifth place in the final table. Even if Argentina find themselves in a play off against Costa Rica,they'll almost certainly win it. Then they're in the finals and anything can happen...