Smart Tvs In Argentina - What Do You Use?

I haven`t tried Plex - is it pay?
Both. You can get the free version, or pay for Plex Pass that lets you do more things and adds bells/whistles, but if it's simple streaming the free version's good enough - you'll need the Plex Server app for your source computer and a Plex client for your end device. I have a smart Sony here in BsAs, and the Sony Store furnishes the Plex client to allow the TV to stream content from the server.

I'm now into Plex bigtime: built a home server, ripped 1000 CDs, loaded 300 movies. I regularly listen to music and watch movies here in BsAs, streamed from my 8000 km-distant server.

And my tango collection is much better than what most Argentines have. They come to my place to listen.
you can also subscribe to a VPN service that will allow you to access the US catalogue. or perhaps whichever country you are from...
I am using one but there is a lot of lagging and guessing as the more server they add, the more get blocked by Netflix and the like. Also, in order to be able to use a VPN with your smart TV you should buy some other device to first put your TV under the VPN. You can either do a dedicated one just for the TV or put your whole house under a VPN. However, like I said, lagging could occur and it is a bore.
What is the price of a 55 inch UHD TV in Argentina? And what is the price in Chile? LG, Samsung and Philips models start around 650 euro in Europe. A trip to Chile to buy a new TV could be worth it.

On mercadolibre, the LG UH6150 55 inch costs 349000 Chilean pesos versus 22999 Argentinian pesos. That is 503,25 euro versus 1395,93 euro. It must be the extra service in Argentina that explains the cost difference.