Smoking Ban...what would you say to this?


my views about smoking are very clear . Its a very toxic drug more addictive than heroin and in has killed over 30000 people a year in Argentina since 1980 .
Its a very positive thing to keep people alive and healthy


I don't think a modified smoking law would work here. It would make the current policy (already far less than a total ban as in Uruguay) more ambiguous and would lead to chaos. I don't really know why there has been so much whining on this topic. There are cafes with smoking sections. La Biela is one. Someone called it a "sham". Why? I see people smoking in the enclosed smoking area and it seems to work quite well. Smokers can look for the remaining establishments with smoking areas and patronize them.


"Smoking Ban up, heart attacks down" - BA Herald 28 Nov."New reaearch from Italy provides additional evidence that banning smoking in public places may help prevent heart attacks...After the Italian government's law against smoking in indoor public spaces took place in January 2005, hospital admissions for heart attack in the Piedmont region fell 11 percent among people under 60 years of age...Other European cities have installed similar laws, as have certain US cities and states. There is evidence that such laws have cut the rate of cigarette consumption, particulaly among the young..."


I would like also to add that 2 days after smoking ban was imposed in Albania elementary student test scores improved 3.4% :)


I am allergic to smoke so didn't go to bars or restaurants back home for many years. Now that Toronto is 100% smoke free, and under 20% of the population smokes, the old arguments about businesses going under due to the ban don't hold anymore. Lots of places now have MORE customers because they don't allow smoking.

At any rate, the smoking ban here is a joke due to lack of enforcement. Many bars and restaurants put up the signs and then let people puff away. Try El Corralon on a Thursday night; you'd think it was oblgatory not only to smoke, but to hold your cigarette out in the faces of the people at the next table! Because there is no longer a nonsmoking section (because the whole place is supposedly nonsmoking) there is no escape.


The Uk was late in this game, but they have banned smoking in any place in which people work. So that now nobody has to put up with second hand smoke. The problem with a partial ban is you loose clarity. In any establishment, somebody must work to maintain it, and so be inflicted with second hand smoke. Roy Castle died of lung cancer and never smoked in his life, he just worked where others smoke.
If you wish to kill yourself with tobacco that is your choice, but nobody should have to take in those toxins involutarily.
Well this is an OLD thread as the ban was put in place over a year ago and is actually one of the few things that has been enforced. Regardless, I smoke but deal with a ban as I have no choice...whatever. Thing is.....all of you whining and yelling about cigarette smoke and its hazards might want to tackle the local pollution that the traffic puts out, particularly collectivos. Do you think all that black exhaust is safer than cigarettes? Why not do? something about that one before worrying about second-hand cigarette smoke which is far less hazardous? Just like the Argentines who demonstrate against some stupid paper factory in Uruguay and its pollution.. the only reason they are really complaining is:1. The company originally wanted to build in Argentina and the governor of whatever province wanted too big of a kickback so they moved across the river.2. Those picketeers probably get paid about 15 pesos a day to raise Hell.3. The ones that aren't paid are most likely hypocrites complaining about the pollution and are smoking away and patronizing the same buses I mentioned earlier. Give it a rest people


smoke being blown to ones face is never nice. plumes of smoke emitted by buses are never nice. Are we in Argentina to become part of the problem or contribute even a little bit to the solution. Your call.