Soon to be a new comer... arriving in March


Introducing a new comer.

I'm flying into Buenos Aires in March....

Not sure what my plans are or how long I'll stay. If there are work possibilities? - ive been teaching ESL for years - I may look to stay longterm.

Seems to be lots of new comers on this forum and people with lots of useful information. I'm really looking forward to experiencing what looks to be an amazing city.

I'm interested in all the obvious activities:
- exploring the city....galleries and museums.
- eating and drinking through the city.
- going to the horse racing.
- the markets: books, livestock etc
- football - chosen to support San Lorenzo.
- travelling throughout the country.
- visiting other countries in South America.

Hope to get a lot from this community website and maybe meet some other new comers.

I'm late 20's from Australia.


Hope to hear from other new comers who are interested in meeting up and exploring.