Have had several reponses to your great sunrise of my friends in the states would like to know what body of water it is and what mountain range it is?



That is Lago Moreno Oeste and Punta Norte, Cerro Tronador and Cerro Capilla.

I think the thread was deleted because of someone's personal attacks of me.


Thanks so if I understand this Spanish is poor....

The water area is : Lago Moreno Oeste and Punta Norte
The Mt. Range is: Cerro Tronador and Cerro Capilla

**Just know from Florida to Washington state and places in between my friends are amazed by your photo...and the beauty you captured at that moment!

***saw some of that...what a waste of energy...:(


Just jumping in to say that I agree... that photo was stunning. :)
Bianca said:
Just jumping in to say that I agree... that photo was stunning. :)

The picture is stunning. But, Bariloche is a second world city. It does not compare with certain cities on lakes in Europe that are first class and first world in every sense of the word.

Think of pictures of beautiful apartments for rent. Sometimes the apartment doesn´t look the same in person.

I think that Bariloche was pristine up until the 1950´s. In the 60´s real estate development was unregulated so you have a real mixed bag of architecture. Some beautiful alpine and some really ugly architecture that takes away from the environment. The town is not special. There is growing crime and in general, beauty is mixed in with ugliness. You would have to visit and spend some time there to know. You can´t just go by a beautiful picture.

I like Bariloche and I am not saying that people should not visit. But, that picture does not depict some of the deteriorated areas that I have seen there.