Nov 16, 2009
To introduce myself,I am a 61 year old single man living just South of SanFrancisco.At present, I plan to come to Argentina in Sept. '10.So far, I think I would like to spend time near San Rafael.I want to take spanish lessons when I arrive. I like to play golf, and have heard of green fees as low as $4USD. Is this true? Some of the courses I have seen on the web look like they would be much more expensive.For me, cheaper is better, I don't require top $ places to play. I am thinking of retiring down here and want to look around and see what appeals to me. I would like to stay in BA for a week, then bus on over to San Rafael.Depending on expense, I might skip BA and fly into Santiago and bus on over to Mendoza. In 1980 I spent 6 weeks in Paraguay on an ill-fated sawmill job that disappeared and I found myself liking the country. How are the insects in San Rafael? I have heard that there are very few. Their were Many in Paraguay, I would hope to avoid them as much as possible. I enjoy reading this and other forums and hope to meet some of you next year.
I have come to realize that asking Portenos to comment on San Rafael is somewhat analogous to asking a resident of NYC about a village in Ohio. Can anyone suggest a more appropriate venue for me to seek knowledge?Thanks.
Hi imgone,
I spent a month in San Rafael, Mendoza last January. Mosquitoes were not a problem. San Rafael is an idyllic small town... clean, tranquil and has the freshest air I have breathed in a long time. Enjoy.
Thank you, gauntlet, that is what I was hoping for. Can anyone comment on greens fees at golf courses?
imgone, you can find greens fees from P$25-$400. I don't know for sure, but Mendoza being a touristy area, you will find higher prices. In smaller towns outside of BA, Cordoba, Mendoza, and Rosario, you should find very reasonable prices.
hi, i have friends that have a vineyard close to san rafael, and spent a month there in august last year. Even though the nights could be cold, and it snowed twice, the days were warm and sunny most of the time, even being able to lay outside and sunbath.. the city its ok too, not to big, but with everything i needed, and much cheaper than buenos aires.. dont play golf, so cant comment on fees..