Spanish lessons for my boys and I in Argentine pesos?


May 12, 2018
Looking to come to down to Argentina for a few weeks to a month in July and wondering where and how would be the best most economical way to receive intensive Spanish language training. Most of the programs I see online are in USD without taking into account the latest exchange rates. My boys are ages 12 and 16.
UBA (University of Buenos Aires) has a really good "Español para extranjeros" course, levels from 0-7 I think. I took up to level 5 when I first arrived. The prices were good, teachers good. The UBA building on 25 de Mayo was falling apart but the course itself was good. I'm not sure if they have a minimum age limit, but there were some people as young as 16 there I think.

Here's the link:ñol-para-extranjeros

Also pardon this correction, it's one of those common mistakes that bugs me: The title of your post should be "Spanish lessons for my boys and me in Argentine pesos", since "me" isn't a subject.
Funny, while reading I self corrected and had to go back to see what you were talking about.