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If San Telmo is convenient for you, Silvina and Miguel or fantastic teachers. My private classes were very therapeutic as well. They charge $8US per hour with a ten class minimum. They are on vacation this coming week, but after that you should be able to schedule something.
There is a great free language learning web site . The lessons are not that interesting but it's also a social networking site and you can chat with Spanish speaking people around the world.

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I speak and read some Spanish already--enough to follow a soap opera or read the news--but was curious about Michel Thomas. I took out a set of discs from the local library. After listening for half an hour, I can't think of a better way to learn a language. He has his students composing sentences almost immediately. Superb!
Hola guys,
I'm belgian, I can recommend you AIE (asociacion international de estudios). Before going there, I didn't speak spanish at all, I got a really good teacher, it's a great school, very serious, very friendly and you don't feel yourself like a tourist. There are individuals or group courses, semi or intensives, you can pick what you want. They have some materiels to help you, they're native (it's essential for me), it's like a family.
Here is their website:,
Furthermore,they organised many activities (tango show, trip in the countryside, bike tours, etc.) very funny. The school is near the callao station in recoleta.
Dear Amarton, I would also recommend you considering Rosario as a great option for learning Spanish or improving your Spanish in Argentina. While being smaller and safer than Buenos Aires but still a cosmopolitan city, Rosario provides a perfect atmosphere for those foreigners interested in learning Spanish in Argentina. A perfect option in Rosario is Che Rosario Spanish School, visit for more information. This school offers both options: a Total Immersion Program for learning Spanish as well as other programs and courses customized to your specific needs. Also, you can attend live online virtual lessons through our partners

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