Speech and Language Pathologist


Jul 21, 2008
I am a qualified Speech and Language Pathologist with experience working in the UK and in Australia. My areas of work are preschool and school age children
$75 per hour
email: [email protected]
Hi there,
I just saw your message in the forum.
Are you speech therapist or audiologist? Or is it the same thing?
I have an almost 8 year old daughter who needs a few sessions something to do with tongue placement and teeth, referred by her orthodontist...do you deal with that? She speaks both Spanish and English so either language should work I assume.

I also have a 2 year old son that we suspect to suffer some degree of hear loss.
We just started investigating this week and after an audiometry That was inconclusive we had the middle ear acoustic emissions test done and it showed no response.
We were sent to do another study in sleep BAER i believe is the name, done under natural sleep.
I have 2 appointments for this test one in 2 weeks and one on this Wednesday.

Once we get some results we will know how to proceed.
Do you specialize in children? Do you know anyone here who does and maybe specializes in children with hearing disabilities?

Right now he has almost no communications skills gestures, imitations and speaking are all nonexistant.
He wont point at anything and can not recognize when asked any fruit name nor body part.

We are also a trilingual house but still...

Let me know if you can help in any way....
Thank you,

Hi Elfi,

I'm a speech language pathologist who will be moving to Buenos Aires next month. I specialize in pediatric speech therapy, and have worked with children your daughter and son's ages with similar backgrounds. It sounds like your daughter would benefit from articulation-based therapy, and that your son needs a speech therapist to collaborate with his audiologist to determine the best way to facilitate hearing and speech and language development. I've spent the last two years working with two and three year olds specifically, and can help you work on the skills you mentioned. Feel free to contact me via email: [email protected] if you have any questions, and I'd be happy to help!