Sports Bars in BA


Aug 13, 2008
Hi all-
Does anyone know of any sports bar type venues where they televise American football?

Blondies on 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway... WAIT.. You mean... we're not in New York?? OOOOOhhhh man... that was some night last night....But seriously, I have no idea.. but similar interests... only soo much 'futbol' one can watch without watching some football.
Casa Bar 1150 Rodriguez Pena ( Santa Fe & Rodriguez Pena )
We have 3 each 40" Sony LCD flat screens with the Direct TV NFL sports package. By the start of the season we expect to have Sling Box set-up so that we can carry any game ( College & Pro ). Sunday Sept. 7 ( week 1 for NFL ) we will be open 7 days per week and offer great drinks specials and an expanded food menu witth complimentary game time snacks & appertizers.
In the mean time I also would recommend the El Alamo. The Owners are friends of mine, though our bars are quite different and I won't upsell my place or down grade another business and prefer to let you decide for yourself where you want to watch the games.
There are not too many options for watching American football in B's A's so your choices are limited. Both casa Bar and El Alamo are American owned and this may or maynot be a factor when looking for other places to view American sports.

Alamo has people watching college football on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays and Monday night.
However, there will also be people watching futbol if they get there before you do. But the bartender on Saturdays is from SoCal and usually wears his USC t-shirt.
I believe in USC's last national championship game (IN LA COUNTY), they lost to Texas. Something like-
USC 38 (with Reggie Bush on the dole for about 1 1/2 years at that point)
I'm just sayin'
Is El Alamo Bar the same as Sholess Joe's? I walked by it last week and it had been closed by the local authorities. Has it reopened?

Yep, it's the same. I don't know if it is reopened for sure, but that place goes through more "closings" & "reopenings" than any bar I know in Buenos Aires.
The El Alamo Shoeless Joes is open again.I do not foresee them being closed down again in the foreseeable future. The bar has had 2 plus years of successful business void of paying the police and now the city wants its pay-off. They are now getting it! For all members of the forum that do not have high profile businesses here this is the stark reality. Would be no problem if you actually received some sort of benefit in return, like say less dog defication on your crumbling side walk.
Grab your pots & pans I smell a protest
The next time they're asking for a bribe the owner should videotape it and send it to TN / C5N. Although I wouldn't want to risk the barra brava of Nueva Chicago coming by and demolishing my bar...