starbucks in BA


Jul 29, 2008
i'm afraid my guilty pleasure is starbucks coffee, and was worried i would miss my soy cappuccinos when i moved to BA. however, i noticed that they've recently inaugurated their first shop in the alto palermo shopping. has anyone been? how much for a cappuccino? are the prices astranomical? more importantly, is the coffee any good?
I assume they have the cappuccino the rest of the world enjoys. I stopped ordering cappuccino here as the Argentine version is some kind of a sweet drink I don't care for. Besides Starbucks does anyone know where you can get a real cappuccino here?Thanks
I stopped by the Starbucks about 12 after it opened. It was about 6:00pm and the line was about 40 people long, with about 6-8 of those being helped and about 15 of those outside waiting patiently.
I took a picture of prices and after looking at them, and calculating, they are about US$1 more per fru-fru drink than they are in the States.
Taste? I'm sure they still burn the shit out of their beans so that they the flavor is consistent and you don't have to worry about each batch of beans true flavor identity sneaking through the roasting process.
Cappuccinos here... basically coffee blows here. There is a coffee shop on the corner of Lavalle & Rodriguez Pena that sells a variety of high end coffee makers as well as an assortment of beans from various countries (including my preferred Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf flavor of Costa Rican Terraza). You might try here, because they tend to know what they are doing.
For best results, buy beans from the place listed above, grind within three days of using, and then make with a French Press. (Bodum is really expensive, so I recommend buying a locally made press. They are ~AR$25 at Falabella? on Calle Florida.) Then they sell these wind sock looking cloth filters that you can pour your coffee through. They can be found at DISCO and are ~AR$2.00.
It's not cappuccino, but it's a cup of coffee that tastes good, has caffeine, and isn't as thick as sludge.
"Napoleon" said:
Then they sell these wind sock looking cloth filters that you can pour your coffee through. They can be found at DISCO and are ~AR$2.00.
Napoleon, I have always tried to think of a good way to describe that cloth filter. Haha. Thank you, I never thought about the wind sock. I use one every morning and am always much more satisfied with what I make than a cortado or cappucino anywhere here. I haven't tried any imported beans here, but out of the grocery store selection, I have been most satisfied with Bonafide Sensaciones (red package which is the darker roast).
I´ve been to the Bucks here but it´s exactly the same as in the states...except for the incredibly long lines and no tables (at least when I went - soon after it was opened). So, pretty much the same thing. I like Starbucks, but I do tend to prefer the Argentine style cafe - no plastic cups, a little glass of fizzy water and a little treat, all in a cozy relaxed atmosphere. But to each his own...!
yeah, but i don't suppose soya caps have caught on over there though. i have weaned myself down to one a week in preparation, and it's probably a good thing they haven't proliferated argentina, it breaks the bank!
I may become a regular at Starbucks in BA if only to enjoy a beverage made with soy milk...I've heard it's hard to come by
i wonder if they do soya capuccinos at the BA branch or whether they cater for local tastes/demand? would be interested to know...
it will survice but hopefully not in a very success way. If I can ever get out of US, I guess I'm bound to see McDonalds next to $tarbucks, overpricing customers, ridding small business without regard to the family owned shops and culture of wherever they tread. They should be banned.