Starbucks is opening tomorrow at Alto Palermo


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May 28th, is the date. Starbucks will open in Alto Palermo tomorrow, at least that was what La Nacion said. I am thinking if McCafe is doing so well, only good things can happen to Starbucks.


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Thank you for the erratum steveinbsas. It would be worth checking out just to see how they will put their own spin on doing and ordering things. They do it a little differently in each country like Japan, Spain, etc.
You can get a decent coffee in almost every lunchroom in Buenos Aires, so people that usually go to these places won't go to starbucks. If it'll be a succes will greatly depend on the prices. Nobody will pay more than $6 (pesos that is) for a coffee...


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It's gonna fail like Pizza Hut did in the 90's. Their only chance for
survival are expats and tourists, because of brand recognition, if
they're lucky. There are way too many coffee shops in Buenos Aires for
a chain like to Starbucks to make any impact like they did in the US,
especially if the prices are not competitive with the local offerings.
I was shocked to hear of the Starbucks opening. My initial reaction was something like, "wouldn't that be like selling ice to an eskimo?" obviously i'm thinking of the seemingly endless supply of cafe's / coffee vendors / in the city. Personally, I love the style of cofee here, and don't think it needs american influence. I should say "shocked" but not surprised. If you stop to think about it, Starbucks is a world-wide monster, not unlike Wal-Mart or McDonalds. Even if their business does not meet expectations, ( it will due to mega- marketing and U.S tourism) they would never shut down. The company is 'rolling in it' so much, they can afford to open a Starbucks in....well.... inside another Starbucks. I know it sounds redicuous, but it's true. Hell, I think I'll go apply tomorrow. Lord knows they'll need english-speaking employees.
Has anyone been to the Starbucks????? This place is already a huge hit.. ...The line went half around the block! Yes, people are waiting for an hour for a Starbucks frapuccino. Seems that lots of people (locals, not tourists or expats) travel and are already familiar with Starbucks.