Super Fungus Alert: first 2 cases of Candida auris detected in ARG


Jun 6, 2005
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31 October 2022
"Super fungus": what is known about Candida auris, the future pandemic? The CDC warned that it is "an almost perfect pathogen"....According to the available data, scientists note that the risk factors are generally similar to those for other types of Candida infections. That is, "a recent surgery, diabetes and the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and antifungal drugs". They clarify that "infections have been found in patients of all ages, from premature infants to the elderly".

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1 November 2022
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The first two cases of Candida auris were detected in ARG. The national Ministry of Health confirmed the detection of the fungus similar to yeast. It constitutes the first outbreak registered in a health institution in this country. Two patients were admitted to a private clinic in the City of BA who had no contact with each other. The first infected was identified on October 2 in the intensive care unit of the unspecified private clinic. The affected person had come from abroad, where he was hospitalized in another country. He was transferred here on a medical flight and now remains isolated. The second case presented a post-surgical drainage fistula and is being treated as an outpatient in the same clinic. However, the two patients had no contact with each other inside the facility.

The Malbrán Institute studies both affected cases to characterize the pathogen....It is complex to diagnose, since it can be identified as another type of fungus if the appropriate laboratory methods are not used. It is one of the few Candida species that causes candidiasis in humans, as well as blood and other invasive infections. The seriousness of the outbreak is that it is also resistant to several drugs, since antifungal drugs that are often used for other infections are generally not effective. "In the United States, 90% of Candida auris isolates are resistant to fluconazole, 30% are resistant to amphotericin B, and less than 5% are resistant to echinocandin", said the Ministry of Health.