Superficie cubierta/total question

I have been looking at the clasificados on trying to get a feel for how much it would be to rent an apartment in BA. Could someone please clarify for me how one calculates and expresses how large an apartment is? I often find in the advertisements for apartments that the superficie cubierta and superficie total that are listed cannot possibly be for the apartment that is shown in the pictures. The following is a link to an advertisement that I was just looking at.

U$S 400

Tipo de propiedad:

Alquiler ofrecido

Bs. As. Capital Federal Capital Federal Barrio Norte TAGLE 2500

25 años

Condición del inmueble:
Muy bueno

Superficie cubierta:
35 m2

Superficie total:


Fecha de publicación:

Código de ficha:
AR - BG33017

This place looks like it is about 105 sq ft from the description, but from looking at the photographs, there is no possible way it can be that small.
Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Jennifer,
There are about 10 square feet in a sq. meter so you need to multiply a sq meter by10 aprox to get the sq feet. I.e. 100 Sq meters is about 1000 sq. ft.
35m2 is bout 350 sq. ft. NOT 105.
Did you find anything?
If you need any more tips or advice let me know. I can track down a lady I knew who has great deals on leasing rooms with local families in BA. No deposit, or other hassles.