take a chill pill...


Dec 29, 2007
please...stop all you bitching and whining... yes their is smoke in the air, buses are loud, inflation, non refrigerated eggs, jam not as good as England, strikes bla bla bla... are you all nouveau x.pats??? (the ones that only complain)I am certain, no matter where on this planet you live you can find things to complain about.... has it ever occurred to you that besides being exceptionally boring, trivial, that you might be out of touch what wonderful things this place has to offer? Maybe you should redirect your anger towards something productive... a day in one of the wonderful parks, museums, a night out of Tango etc etc etc ... or maybe just a lil' lovn' from a significant other, would chill you out!! xoxoxoChris
I couldn't agree with you more Chris. No matter where we are in the world, there will always be people whining or bitching about something.Mike
That is true. But should we always "medicate" every little thing though? Would that chill pill be the red pill or a blue pill. Just wonderin. Humor never hurts anybody. Trying to diffuse the tension. :)
I am in the business of dealing the purple.... it's a wonderful pill... costs 3 times less in Argentina :pBut look out for fakes!!! Mine the ones with the little smiley face, taste sweet, kind of tart, sometimes a little sour...but rarely bitter :)
Don't you know we brits are only happy when we are complaining.
Must be why I love this place. (only joking)