Tango Lessons for beginners in English


Feb 25, 2008
Hi! My name is Bert and I am a Tango teacher. I give priavte lessons for beginners - all in English, in the Palermo Hollywood Area - near the D - line Subte.
I have also started beginners group classes on Tuesday and Sunday evenings at La Palermo Restobar (4827 Costa Rica ave. Palermo Soho), from 8 - 9:30. Afterwards we run a "Practica" till late. I'm hoping this will become a meeting point for English speaking Tango lovers - tourists and ex-pats alike.
If you would like more information you can touch me on this site or at [email protected]
Hope to meet you soon.
Welcome to the site Bert. Hope you enjoy the ride.
Thanks Bob. So far it's been fun... been reading some of the other notes in the forum and got so handy tips. Plus we had a group of beginners come to our Tango class last night who said they found out about the class through this site... so it has paid off in that department.
Off to an interview for an english teaching job now...
Can't wait to see you and the misses again... keep well...
Brigitte what is happening here? I think this is shil postings.
You can tango with me in ten days.
Posting a notice on this site was very helpful... some people did come to our group classes at La Palermo and said they found out about them through this site...
Unfortunately we will be suspending the group classes at La Palermo... However, I do want to thanks those of you who did join us... it was nice to meet you all.
I will continue to offer private Tango lessons for individuals, couples and small groups. All in English, of course, especially for tourists and ex-pats. There does appear to be a need for classes in English... as many Tango teacher don't speak English at all... and those that do, mainly teach in Spanish and translate very little - making it difficult for the English speaking students.
I teach both salon and nuevo Tango... for both beginners and intermediate levels. So if you don't speak Spanish and you're in Tango-City, and you want to learn some Tango... touch me at [email protected] and we'll set a date and time for your first class.