Tango show?


Jul 27, 2009
So, my mother and grandmother are coming to visit me, and they want to go to a tango show. But, there are so many, and I'm having trubble choosing.

I've heard most of them have a lot of singing and music, and not "enough" dancing. I would like to go to one with a lot of dancing, good quality dancers and not too glitzy-glam Las Vegas style.

So, please help me out! :)
If you want to see true tango, forget the shows, that is all stage stuff put pn just for the touristas. Save some money and go to a milonga and just watch true tango dancers and the way they socialise through the dance.
Of course to do this you must book a table to be sure to get a place where you can see, and the place you choose would depend on the night you go. Salon Canning is almost always a good night ( Scalabrini Ortiz 1331) Saturday night try Centro Region Leonesa (Humberto 1ª 1462)
or Sunderland Club (Lugones 3161) a bit further out but all the best dancers get there, you can get food, and they usually have several displays.
If you want to see the best of porteños at play go to Belgrano on a Saturday or Sunday, just up the hill from the train at (11de Septiembre y Echeverria) 7.00 till 11.00 La glorietta is just a bandstand you can sit on the grass and just watch and listen, I love this place, no food , no drinks so bring your own and enjoy. Warning though, it may just hook you in.
If you insist on a show though, you could try Gardel with all the other touristas, the dancing and food are good, but I found the veiw a bit restricted.
I forgot to add; go to see La Glorietta even if you do decide on a show. If you are dissapointed I will take all the crap you can send me, but I promise you will not be.
Actually, I stumbled upon La Glorietta myself just walking around Belgrano (where I live), and I must say it is one of my favourite magical Buenos Aires moments. Just walkin past a park at night, hearing some music and deciding to check it out, and discovering an amazing little milonga in an outdoor pavillion...I loved it!

And, it was a part of my plans to bring my folks there. But, they will also want to see a tangoshow. I know it's touristy, and don't expect it to be anything other than that. But I still want good dancing and the feeling that I'm in Buenos Aires, not in Vegas.
I really reccommend Centro Cultural Borges in Galeria Pacifica on calle Florida. The shows are inexpensive, are all about the dancing and it's a pretty small theatre with great views. They don't always have tango shows (sometimes flamenco or folk) but it's worth it to check it out and see what they have available when your parents are here.
Tango houses that offer dinner and show are performances with live orchestra where they provide glitz and glamour for your entertainment. You can expect to pay 250 pesos per person for a drink and show at Tango Porteno at Cerrito 570 or Esquina Carlos Gardel in Abasto. Both are first class venues.

If they want to see tango danced by normal people who love the music and express it when they dance, then take them to one of the milongas. Tango Bob made a good recommendation for a Saturday afternoon at Centro Region Leonesa on Humberto Primo between San Jose and Saenz Pena in Constitucion. It opens at 16 hs and goes until 22,30 hs. The entrada is 16 pesos each plus a drink or something to eat. It isn't expensive, and they will enjoy seeing real people dancing.
Thanks for the tips about Centro cultural Borges Katie!

As I explained, I want to take my parents to a fancy show and a milonga, to get the different aspects of tango. And now, I might include a show at Centro Cultural Borges.

As for the show, it looks like the Esquina Garlos Gardel is our best bet.
We have friends coming in the New Year who would like to see some people dancing tango for the pleasure of it in preference to a tango show for tourists.Some of the suggestions upthread would have been excellent if only the friends had been staying over a weekend. Unfortunately it looks as if our only available nights to go and see tango will be Tuesday & Wednesday the 5th and the 6th January. Has anyone any suggestions for a good place to go which will be open on either of those nights?
afternoon - large place open 15-22 hs.
Nuevo Salon La Argentina, Bme Mitre 1759 and Callao (Congreso)
with dancers 70+ years (entrada 15 pesos)

afternoon - small place (150 capacity) 18,30 - 2 hs
Plaza Bohemia, Maipu 444 and Corrientes (downtown)
age 50+ dancers and many foreigners (entrada 18 pesos)
traditional tango at both where codes are respected

night - large venue downtown 22,30 - 3 hs
Confiteria Ideal, Suipacha 384, first floor (off Corrientes)
where tango films have been made

evening - small venue in Constitucion 18 - 23 hs
Lo de Celia Tango Club, Humberto Primo 1783 and Entre Rios
entrada 10 pesos + drink
traditional lugar with good level of dancing and no flying legs
Celia's is my second home.

If they want to see a young crowd (35 and under) and listen to a wide variety of music, this is the place on Wednesday:
Centro Armenia, Armenia 1366 in Palermo
23,30 a 3 hs.
Another nice option for a lot of nice tango dancing plus dinner and all of the red wine your liver can handle is Complejo Tango...$280 per person. Located on Avenida Belgrano just down from Jujuy (Pueyrredon) in a nice old building full of character.