Tax/Inheritance/Will and Estate lawyer (preferred bi-lingual English) needed.


Jun 8, 2024
Hi there,

I’m posting from Australia. I’m legal guardian and financial manager for a terminally ill friend.

Her sister lives in BA but in poverty.

I want to find a reputable law firm to engage (with funds held in trust) who will be able to collaborate with the Australian firm we appoint as executor for the will, to ensure that everything is handled smoothly when my friend passes away (as my court appointed authority to act will cease upon her death).

I have already attempted to give her sister some funds to alleviate pressures but she refuses.

I believe that my friend’s name also remains on the deed/title of the unit her sister resides in, so in addition to superannuation payout, and the Australian home, transfer of that title will be needed too.

If there is a well known, reputable firm that you think is worth mentioning, please let me know.

If anyone is aware of a financial planner who can possibly look at structuring a trust for her nephew (disabled and will require whole of life care) this would be great as it may be the only way her sister will “accept” the money she has coming her way.

Thanks in advance!