Tea tree oil / mold removal


Jul 13, 2005
Has anyone seen any recently? If so, where, and under what name?

We have mold in our bathroom ( of course no fan in there) and I'm becoming convinced it's the cause of my and my child's persistent scratchy throats etc -- tea tree is supposedly a decent natural way to remove -- does anyone have other suggestions? A lot of the chemical ones require long applications and with baby in house not so appealing.

Thanks for the help.
If you clean the bathroom on a regular basis(both walls,tubs,etc) with bleach then it will kill the black mold and keep it from growing. During the cleaning process then use a household fan to keep the air moving.
I used to be able to buy small bottles of tea tree oil at Natural Deli. I bought it at the one by my house on Laprida. I can't vouch if the others had it or not, but I remember the one on Gorostiaga always had a lot more oils, etc. Good Luck!
Hi there,
It is definitely possible to find TeaTree oil here. There is a brand called 'Just' that has a whole range of "natural" products and also sells essential oils. I think there are a variety of shops that sell it but I'm sorry I can't recommend a shop (I buy through a friend).
But neat white vinegar also kills black mold and prevents it from coming back. You can create a thick paste of baking soda and water to scrub it off and then wipe with a rag dipped in white vinegar.
Also, eucalyptus oil helps as well I think.
Good luck.
Thanks -- tried the baking soda, looking better -- this weather really isn't helping at all. We never really had mold problems but now with a kid who has a tendency towards chest infections we end up having to fill the bathroom with vapor fairly frequently -- which is part of the reason i'm so annoyed with the mold, it isn't exactly conducive to better health having your kid sit in humidity when there's mold there!
The best is to spray walls and shower curtain with bleach but be careful as the fumes are dangerous, you can do it little by little and then scrub it off with a brush, I do once per month, try in the beggining 50 % bleach and 50% water....
I have heard that apple cider vinegar works to destroy mold.
Steam cleaning is used on an industrial level to deal with mould, grease, dirt etc This saves having to use any chemicals which can add to cost - although mild acids like vinegar are less injurious and harmful to the environment than strong chemicals. Tea tree oil is expensive and there are doubts about it - the definitive report by the European Commission is here


You dont want to replace one trigger ie mould spores with another hypersensitivity.

There are various domestic steam cleaners on the market for floors, walls, windows etc and the good ones generate and project sufficient steam to cut through grease on the asado as well!

Ive got one which I bought first as a wallpaper stripper and have used it many times for cleaning jobs even to clean up a car engine after an oil seal went! (admit that I also used that with a solvent)

Mecardolibre had three different models - vapor limpio - when I looked just now


Not as good as my UK manufactured one - both my kids families also kept borowing it so now they have their own

Here is an Indy link


I dont have shares in any of these nor do I fancy a job in Buenos Aires becoming a door to door salesman!