Teacher at home


Jul 31, 2008
I'm a bit disappointed in the nursery where my daughter has started this week.
I have heard about sharing a teacher with other parents in the home.
Does anyone have an idea of prices per month for 3/4 mornings a week?
This would be for a good quality teacher, I'm willing to pay top money for someone who is good.
Where do you live? that's a "system" that is usually done in country clubs or gated communities
Hi Angie - i live in Recoleta and we are starting with such a teacher next Tuesday - only twice a week - but for our babies...between 1 and 16months+.
What is the age of your daughter? I can ask if she has more time available. As far as I understand, the lady is a teacher and not just a nanny.
Hi Angie,

We have also started one in Palermo. We hired our own native English speaking teacher as well for the group. It is a sort of cooperative. The group is for 1-2 year olds (more or less) and is from 9:30 - 1:30 Monday to Friday. That said some only go 3 or 4 days a week and some only 3 hours a day. That is up to each parent. Each pays the full amount and then can participate as needed for their child.
If you are interested in it let me know and we can arrange to talk by phone and or meet for a coffee.