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Hi all,

I'm heading over to BA soon, and was wondering if anyone can provide tips/guidance for tennis or squash in the city? What I should be expecting to pay for lessons, whether it's worth bringing my own gear, what kind of courts - i've heard clay courts for tennis?



this is a good question. I am also moving to BA, and I already started looking for tennis courts. I first found a partner and she took me playing in "el circulo", which is an awfull place to go : next to the highway and the airport, the noise and the smell (cars AND planes) was awfull and the state of the court was bad. Then I was told that in the "big" clubs, you need to be a "socio". The clubs are : Club Argentino/Vilas/BA lawn. Being a member is not unusual, but does anyone know how you become a member? I am told that someone has to invite you as a member, is that true? Is there someone on this forum who actually IS a member and who can introduce me? What about the prices?


I play at a small club in Palermo called Puente Tennis. Prices are $60 pesos per hour for the court and I believe $114 pesos per hour with a coach for one person and you don't need to pay a club fee or be a member to play. I've played at a few other clubs without being a member and I believe the prices aren't much different.

There are some places where you pay by month and you can play as much as you want. Unfortunately I don't know what the rates are though.

Eric Northam
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Magic Center Club review
From Time Out Buenos Aires (

A modern sports club with three well-lit clay tennis courts. You can also perfect your game with individual and group lessons, available for all levels.

Magic Center Club details

Address Dorrego 2880, entre Luis Maria Campos y Huergo
Transport Subte D, Carranza/12,29,39,60 bus.
Telephone 4772 3016

Alquiler de canchas de tenis:
Lunes a viernes 7.00 a 18.00h.: $55
Lunes a viernes 18.00 a 24.00h.: $65
Sábados, domingos y feriados 7.00 a 24.00h.: $65

They also have a pool, a gym with fitness classes and pilates machines as well as classes for kids.