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Apr 1, 2009
Hi all,

I'm heading over to BA soon, and was wondering if anyone can provide tips/guidance for tennis or squash in the city? What I should be expecting to pay for lessons, whether it's worth bringing my own gear, what kind of courts - i've heard clay courts for tennis?

this is a good question. I am also moving to BA, and I already started looking for tennis courts. I first found a partner and she took me playing in "el circulo", which is an awfull place to go : next to the highway and the airport, the noise and the smell (cars AND planes) was awfull and the state of the court was bad. Then I was told that in the "big" clubs, you need to be a "socio". The clubs are : Club Argentino/Vilas/BA lawn. Being a member is not unusual, but does anyone know how you become a member? I am told that someone has to invite you as a member, is that true? Is there someone on this forum who actually IS a member and who can introduce me? What about the prices?
I play at a small club in Palermo called Puente Tennis. Prices are $60 pesos per hour for the court and I believe $114 pesos per hour with a coach for one person and you don't need to pay a club fee or be a member to play. I've played at a few other clubs without being a member and I believe the prices aren't much different.

There are some places where you pay by month and you can play as much as you want. Unfortunately I don't know what the rates are though.

Eric Northam
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Magic Center Club review
From Time Out Buenos Aires (

A modern sports club with three well-lit clay tennis courts. You can also perfect your game with individual and group lessons, available for all levels.

Magic Center Club details

Address Dorrego 2880, entre Luis Maria Campos y Huergo
Transport Subte D, Carranza/12,29,39,60 bus.
Telephone 4772 3016

Alquiler de canchas de tenis:
Lunes a viernes 7.00 a 18.00h.: $55
Lunes a viernes 18.00 a 24.00h.: $65
Sábados, domingos y feriados 7.00 a 24.00h.: $65

They also have a pool, a gym with fitness classes and pilates machines as well as classes for kids.
What is the going rate for 1hs or 1.5hs of private tennis instruction? Thanks in advance for sharing!