Tennis club recommendations? I live in the Palermo Hollywood area.


Oct 24, 2019
I own a condo in Palermo Hollywood since 2017. Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit since late Jan. 2020 due to the pandemic but (fingers crossed) I am hoping by January things will be settled enough to travel (from Canada). We have very high vaccinations rates, (almost 90% of our eligible population 11 and up have received their first dose and above 82% are now double vaccinated mostly with both MRNA vaccines and a smaller amount of people vaccinated with AZ, which I believe Argentina recognises but I am double vaccinated with both mrna vaccines. By Jan. we should have well over 90% of the population fully vaccinated, including children above 5 as that approval is expected by the end of the month and school boards will be making vaccination mandatory (like with measles, rubella, etc).

My question is that I would like to join a tennis club that is in reasonable proximity to Palermo and has good courts (either clay or hard, doesn't matter to me. I play on both in Canda), and hopefully a good membership and professional instructors. Does anyone here have any recommendations? Should I consider the BA Law Tennis club (where the Argentine open is located), I am open to fees. I know the BA LTC it is a bit of a distance from Palermo but it's not too bad (I have walked it a couple of times to attend the Argentine Open). Has anyone played there and can provide me with some input on the club, fees, etc. I play at a private tennis club in Toronto but unforunately they do not have reciprocal arrangements with the BA LTC or any clubs in BA as far as I can tell. Any other recommendations that I may not be aware of and should check out?

Thanks very much. I monitor this website closely for up to date information in CABA, travel and find it very useful. When I was last there in 2019 to 2020 I attended the Wed. coffee chat several times so I may have met some of you. Thank you all for sharing your collective experiences. It's much appreciated, especially for this Canadian expat.

Jay Hammond
GEBA is also close to palermo. my girlfriend played there for a while and liked it.
There's the old, old tennis club in Bosque Palermo, around the back side of the Hippodrome. IIRC, they have clay courts, which I had never seen before. I used to pass by on my morning walk, but it's been three years...

IN any case, check out this article
there are a ton of places listed

Oh, and there's the one with the clay courts in the Bosque Viejo I was talking about
From the pictures, it seems they also have some concrete courts that I didn't see on my walk