Tennis lessons recommendations


Dec 12, 2021
Hi all,
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a tennis coach, preferably near Palermo Hollywood but willing to travel within reason.

Thank you.
know this way late. there is a really good club in the palermo park next to the golf course i think was called the V club. had a tennis friend who visited and used it. think its for pros and good amatures. hope this helps
Thank you jbeas. Can't find the club on Google so if you did happen to find the name/details that would be appreciated!
it could have changed its name. buenos aires lawn and tennis looks right. olleros 1510 c1426 buenos aires on google maps. just a guess. not down there. he was in his 50’s and loved playing tennis. its all clay. good amenities, instruction, and playing competition. hope this helps.
If still looking, this may be a possible option
Matias is a good option.
Looks like he hasn't been on the forum since April 2020. Does anyone have contact details for him?