TGI Friday's in BA - yay or nay?


Mar 9, 2007
Just wondering if anyone has some thoughts on the TGI Friday's in Puerto Madero or in Alto Palermo Shopping. I'm interested in checking one of the locations out, although I've read some bad reviews on
I have been there like 10 times in PM and I like the bar, the food is not that brilliant but you can´t expect to much from a hamburger joint. I personally dont take coctails, but a friend of mine said they are good there.
It´s expensive for Argentinian standards
My advice would be to skip it and try any one of the many local places in town with good food. TGI Fridays in Buenos Aires is not terrible but the menu is not the same as in the states. There are come glaring omissions and in reality it is not the same experience that you are expecting and on top of all of that it is really expensive so why go there unless you are interested in some happy hour drinks and even if you are there are better places for that too. If you are dead set on overspending in Puerto Madero why not try Rodizio (Brazilian barbeque). It is right down the street from Fridays. There also used to be a decent sushi buffet place nearby but I don't remember the name of it.
I appreciate the input. There certainly are many great local restaurants here, but I have been living in Argentina for almost three years now and am longing for a little taste of home. I always enjoyed TGI's while growing up, so I thought it would be a fun option to try here. Maybe I'll opt for Kansas instead, as I've heard they have great US-style food. Any other ideas for good (North) American cuisine?
Why not try the Hard Rock Cafe, at least they have live music and the menu is similar to TGIF but better tasting.
I think that maybe you misunderstood my post. I am not someone who hates all things American and is trying to steer you towards Argentine culture or something like that. I LOVE TGI Friday's and for this reason I am suggesting that you do not go to the location in Puerto Madero because it is not even in the same ballpark as TGI Fridays in the U.S. and the experience will just make you miss home MORE!!! I agree with the previous poster that the Hard Rock cafe would be a better choice. It's really strange that in Argentina the food in the really cheap burger/fast food chains that we have in the U.S. tastes better than it does in the U.S. because the beef is of a higher quality (places like McDonald's and Burger King) but when Argentines attempt to copy places like Houlihan's, Houston's, and Friday's it's so much worse that I prefer to continue eating the local food (which is usually great!!!).
Being the stubborn Taurean that I am, I went against everyone's advice and decided to check Friday's (Alto Palermo) out. You guys were dead on - it was not exactly the pleasant experience that I had hoped for. The prices were ridiculous, the food was ok and the service was bad.
A recap of my late-lunch: After refusing to pay 18 pesos for a real drink, we had to send our sodas back twice for being completely flat (we finally gave up and ordered water). Then, when the waitress brought the potato skins, one fell on the floor. She said she'd bring another but that never happened. The turkey club I ordered was half the size of what you'd get in the US and was not all that tasty. Then, when they brought us the bill, they tried to charge us for the sodas we had sent back instead of for the water that we were forced to drink. The only thing I can say was that the Potato skins and french fries were really good. Aside from that - blah. I won't be heading back there again.
So thank you all for the advice. I really should have followed it. But I guess sometimes you have to figure things out on your own. Next on my list are Remember El Alamo and Kansas....
At least you didn´t try TGI Fridays in Puerto Madero, that one is even worse...