The answer to the world's problems in three words.

Yeah, that worked really well in the USA under Bush.
He allowed business, and particularly Wall Street, to ignore all central planning, and just go for the gusto, (or the greed, depending on how you spell gusto).
It was very good for the part of the world economy that sells $25,000 watches and $3,000,000 third homes in Aspen.

not so good for the rest of us.

should we also get rid of central public health?
after all, polio, small pox and the plague are eradicated, right?

what about central law enforcement?

central currencies? gold is better, right?

If you really want NO central planning, The Congo is awaiting you. NO pesky government interference of any kind, as long as you and your crew dont run out of ammunition....
I have shorter in two words :

Encourage greed

I can do it in one word as well :

No, the central planning is good, bc it will take under consideration the current situation, development of the situation in every aspect and effect it will produce on its own people. What we have here is far from the central planning. Or some special "central planning" for special people. Its Idiocracy as it is.