The Argentines are not all right

Very sobering, indeed. As someone who has battled mood disorders and mental illness for decades, it's heartbreaking - the whole damn situation. Some facets of this whole quilombo were inevitable, I suppose, such as the Covid pandemic, but others - namely the lack of accessibility to adequate mental health care or not enough qualified professionals or citizens who have to choose between eating and availing help they direly need - well, I just don't have the words.

I could not afford therapy and medication back in the US, and had I stayed, I'd probably be dead in the water (not just figuratively speaking). I am grateful for my privileged economic position in Argentina and access to therapists, but it flat-out sucks knowing not everyone is as fortunate.

Nobody can really say with certainty what the outcome of the election will be, nor its aftermath, but after everything this country has gone through, Argentines deserve better than this 😢
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Strangely, Milei's win at ~56%-44% is about what I personally feel as to how much I want him to be the president. Know that he's better than the rest, highly trepidatious though.

The various peronists still control the congress (barely) and the states are another matter, but I really really do hope that he can turn Argentina into the country that it was meant to be, or at least get it onto that path so that some successor can do so if he isn't temperamentally or intellectually suited to the job.