the ba test


hi, i am new to ba and this forum. I am staying just for one month to learn the basics about the language and the city. Then I am thinking about coming back for a longer stint, of let's say two years or so.
I am 32 years old, male and working in the banking industry. Would be great to meet some expats, to see how you are doing here...


Hi Hends, and welcome to the forum.
It sounds like you've got the right idea about a few things. Language (spanish) is important and fun to learn once you get past the initial stages.
There's a variety of ways to meet new people in BA. One way is through expat dinners and events arranged through this website. Another useful way for myself was through social network sites like couchsurfing. It's a quick and safe way to directly connect with Argentine people that live here. Give it a try!