The ballot and the wallet


Oct 25, 2005
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Ralph Nader speaks truth to power.

However, speaking truth to power only makes you hoarse.

Power hears nothing and respects nothing except a greater power.


I take another bite of the half eaten apple, now oxidized dark brown. My lap top battery flashes that it has only ten minutes to live as the Dow Jones Average, its chart blatantly manipulated, stages another one of its mid-day ersatz “rallies” on the Treasury Department’s promise to inflate another bubble by buying up every rotten Wall Street investment since the Beginning of Time, dropping interest rates to negative 2%, giving every every Fortune 500 executive a $1,000,000 dollar tax-payer financed year end “bonus”, and cutting taxes to absolute zero for those in the top 1% of annual income.

The whole piece is brilliant. There's nothing in it we don't already know, but look at the style and the corrosive humor (which we can't laugh at as it's too close to the truth
pikto99 said:
And I've herd that Ron Paul "withdrew" his candidacy from 2008. Why.

I think it had something to do with not getting very many votes.