The Banks are CLOSED today (Thursday May 14th)


May 5, 2008
There's no real reason why, but the banks are closed today. So instead of being open for 5 short hours, they're not open at all.

It's not a holiday. It's some kind of strike, protest, Argentine thing.

Just a public service announcement in case you planned to stop by a bank to wait in line for 20 minutes for between AR$5 and AR$10 worth of monedas.
Good thing is they finally didn't close, so all three banks I went to today were empty!!! No waiting in line for coins today!!! I made $15 in coins in less than 8 min :)
Good $15 !!!:D Can I buy them for say $18..????
Hmmm...nope. My coins are my most valued possesion!. I spend an average of $ 8 each day in bus tickets...

Now seriously, did you know you can stand in line at Retiro for 30 min and get $ 20 in coins? I have been lucky a couple of times and gotten 30 and even 50 pesos -twice!.
finally read the Herald today notice Bank Clerks Striking Today..which I would have read it before I left for the bank this morning :)
I think it must have been a half day strike. This happened another time when I got to a Citibank at about 2:45pm and flew in and out and got AR$10 in monedas at one location.

Personally I think they should fire all of them, but it's not up to me.