The Complainers


Ok, I'm very naughty posting on here as I'm not a BA expat but I just thought I'd relay my observations on being an expat as it's similar wherever you go.
When I first left the UK for Ibiza, I noticed every little thing which was different; the property buying system, the body language, the customary curtesies, the levels of service, the availability of familiar goods, the prices, the quality of everything, the reliability of the transport system.....
It probably took two years to fully stop being A COMPLAINER. That's a long time to spend winging about little things.
Then I realised that the complaining disease is a UK and probably US epidemic. Every time I went back to the UK it seemed there was always a complaint in the air about one little thing or another....oo this or oo that.
Then my parents emigrated and my god! None stop complaining about EVERYTHING. By this time I was nolonger suffering from the disease, other than on major subjects like men and lack of trade, but the former I prefer to see as a genetic disorder and the latter a matter of life or death. I'd wound down enough to not let the little things bother me. I had become like an Ibizan....knowing the place is a bit rubbish in some respects but not feeling the compulsion to go on an on about it, especially at the dinner table.
My parents have been here for a year now and are definately complaining less and certainly in a less insane, panicky and babbling way. Honestly, for a while I thought they'd turned into turkeys!
What I'm trying to say is, if you feel annoyed at little differentials, it could be that you have yet to shed the baggage of living in, what is essentially, a spoilt and spoon fed environment but that you will, eventually, find you yes YOU blend into your new environment more peacefully.


Expats complain because there's a lot to complain about. As simple as that. Personally I think most of the criticism is pretty reasonable, don't you agree?
I prefer the expats who whine about everything to the ones who praise everything local. I find the latter much more annoying. They are always telling everyone what to think and trying to impose their sycophantic views on others. For this kind of people, if you criticize argentines then you are wrong. Argentina is always the BEST, even when reality points in another direction... And you'd better recognize it or otherwise they will attack you. Now you tell me who's worse...
At least the complainers have good reasons to whine. The sycophants, on the other hand, often have no arguments other than calling people names or saying "If you don't like it, go back to your country".


I have not been here very long, but of what I have read TATANBsAs & Nikad seem to have good insight :)


Someone should start a thread with a positive title so we can all get in and praise what is good about BsAs..."Re:The Complainers"...sounds negative . Oops...did that last one count as a complaint?


I have found J-E-S-U-S! I am reborn and will no longer be negative about Argentina. Halleluyah, praise the Good Word in the Good Book!


Check out what I like anout Buenos Aitres .
This is not a tourist channel but a forum for people living and working here fulltime . We all have concerns and I have made my choice to return to the United States as it seems that this city is not for me.
Inflation of 25 percent per year should be a huge concern for all newcomers as it shows that the future it fraught with danger. Can you imagine how much rents, food, clothes and other everyday items will be in three years time . Sure it might be good for the Property investor who buys now but for everyday people living on their savings and Pensions Buenos Aires will be less affordable than most cities on the planet.
Is peopes wages going up 25 percent per annum Mr Pro Buenos Aires?


Why complain? Justl leave! I've been here three months to improve on my Spanish. Tomorrow I leave for Costa Rica. I can handle the noise, smoke, dog doo,** (drivers who I'm begining to believe are out to get me). but I just can't handle the total lack of respect, concideration and integrity, It seems like everybody is trying to rip you off, even for a few pesos. Tomorrow I have to check out of my apartment. The landlady is already complaining about the thing that have deteriated without even seeing the apartment. The apartment is in better condition now then when I arrived because I had to repair a number of things. I suspect that she wants to avoid giving me my security deposit. I've got a plane to catch and we both know that.
I must be missing something, Argentines are scurring to leave Argentina yet foreigner stay, all the while complaing. I know it's not because it cheap to live here.
** I know some folks don't have a sense of humor and take thing litterally


"Hannah" said:
Then I realised that the complaining disease is a UK and probably US epidemic. Every time I went back to the UK it seemed there was always a complaint in the air about one little thing or another....oo this or oo that.
FYI There's a site very much alike this one about Sweden, full of complaints about swedish service, swedish legal system, unfriendly swedes etc... (check out for yourselves: ) And the complainers are... oh yes, Brits. Don't get me wrong here, I've nothing against Brits, on the contrary... I'm just saying...
Sweden is not a perfect country, I'm the first one to say this. Neither do I belive Argentina to be without flaws. There's a LOT of things I don't like here, and quite a few that are very different from the way I'm used to. But, I choosed to be here, so what good does it do to just complain about everything, instead of just accept the way things are (and that they are different from back home) and try to deal with it? After all, life in Sweden can get so seriously boring at times I needed a challenge. And if you don't want to be challenged, why on eart did you ever leave your mama's street in the first place?