The Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire from SSA arrived yesterday by way of local mail.

D.B. Cooper

Oct 7, 2012
The Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire is mailed to the beneficiaries or representative payee in May/June of each year. Beneficiaries with social security numbers ending 00-49 must submit their enforcement questionnaire in even numbered years. Beneficiaries with social security numbers ending in 50-99 must submit their enforcement questionnaire in odd numbered years. Beneficiaries with a representative payee and 90 years or older must complete the form annually.
If you are still alive basically. I mailed it back registered mail.
So you went to the Correo office. How did you tell them what you wanted, just "correo registrado" or is there another name. This is my first time with the 7162.

According to a video I watched on YouTube (always a totally reliable source of information), if we don't answer this one, we will get another form 7162 in October or November, and only if we don't reply by the end of the year will our manna-from-heaven be cut off.
Is this the mailing address on the envelope enclosed?
PO BOX 7162, Wilkes Barre PA, 18767-7162, USA

International registered/certified mail cannot be sent to a P.O. Box.
Correo Argentino doesn't seem to have any problems with it.
My SS# ends in an even numbered year. I will not be receiving the questionnaire this year. I mailed my last one on July 14, 2022
using the enclosed envelope. Correo Argentino told me "it could not be sent to a P.O.Box as registered mail/return receipt requested
requires a signature at the receiving end. So I sent it as a "carta simple internacional". The envelope must have arrived as my
benefits were not suspended.