The king of sophistry?


HDM said:
Us? I thought you were a you.

But no, I am actually not nearly good enough. That's why I choose to let you have at it all by yourself. Obama and Limbaugh, for Chrissakes! You just wanted to start a fight with this ... bored? And I don't want to play. Have fun, those of you who do.
If you don't want to play, why do you continue to post?

Or was that really your last (word)?

This is a legitimate thread and topic.

The president of the United States recently said that some of us (we the people) should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Why would he say that?

It's a legitimate question, isn't it?


steveinbsas said:
Is it Rush Limbaugh or Barack Obama?
Neither. Sophistry demands a sophistication both lack. Limbaugh is beneath contempt. And if you listen to Obama, it's the same hackneyed rubbish again and again, the torrent of platitudes and cliches. In any case, sophistry doesn't play well in the US -- a mass audience capable of being swayed by arguments does not exist (even if the arguments are disingenuous or otherwise flawed). Hence the hectoring style of Limbaugh and the platitudinous style of Obama. If I had to call someone a sophist, it might be Bill Clinton.