The Milei phenomena


Mar 25, 2024
The Milei phenomena is very similar to the Trump phenomena. If people wanted the same old same old they would have voted for a career politician who hasn’t held a real job in his/her entire life. People have been abandoned by their government and shock treatment is what is needed.
Recently Bob Kennedy Jr (nefew of JFK) declared that what the USA needs is his own version of Javier Milei!
Except their policies aren't similar.

Trump printed and spent like a mad man, vastly expanding the size of government.

Milei just the opposite.
Except their policies aren't similar.

Trump printed and spent like a mad man, vastly expanding the size of government.

Milei just the opposite.
Executive powers in each country are different and the problems in Argentina are different than the problems in the US. However in both cases it is the self-serving elites whose profession requires getting elected over and over and over again that is problematic. You can’t run a successful country any more than you can run a successful business when the people in charge are so self-serving. A problem that IS the same in both countries is the bureaucracy that has become a true burden on society rather than aiding society. Milei is doing EXACTLY what the US needs to do re: the bureaucracy. In the US it is the bureaucracy that increasingly runs the country while the people we get to elect are typically nothing but window dressing. Trump is a challenge to that and it’s why so many of our institutions oppose him.
Milei is cutting government bureaucracy, and the size of the government.

Trump grew government bureaucracy and the size of the government.

You can like or dislike Trump, but his policies are very different to that of Milei.

There is no indication that Trump would be any different if he won a second term and actually reduce the size of government.
I don’t disagree with you on spending. Thats a problem that has gone on for 50 years now and needs to be addressed, no question. In my humble opinion the issues in the US are of a completely different nature. I think Argentina and Argentinians like who they are and value their culture. Yes, they have huge inflation issues, but as drastic as those are, they are not at each other’s throats and almost everyone has a “work around” to deal with the peso problem. The US is being systematically destroyed from the inside out with the help of our adversaries who know exactly what buttons to push, and social media to manipulate, and a willing party in the Democrats to make full use of it. Crime is off the rails by a system that encourages it, police are the enemy, DEI trumps merit, drug use is facilitated in many of our Democrat controlled cities, our schools are a disaster, and our kids think they can choose whether to be boys or girls. ALL of it is by design to achieve the desired outcome of division and chaos. And it may well be too late to fix it, but it is why a non-politician like Trump is so attractive. What they’re doing to him in the courts right now has only reinforced in the minds of most critical thinking people that he is deemed the enemy by the bureaucracy, the deep state, and the global elites. Milei and Trump are both phenomena but for very different reasons. I do appreciate your point of view.
Why does every thread on here turn into a discussion about US politics?
Because people with a real life with no interest in discussing politics with English speakers who happen to be in the same country... won’t?
oh boy. tead today milei called obrador the president of mexico ignorant and petro the president of colombia a terrorist. what happened to diplomacy. not an international good start