The most unique BsAs itinerary for your guests? Where would YOU take them?


Jul 12, 2008
For the life of me I cannot find a similar thread which I thought I had seen. I've lived in BA for 3 years and know the common tourist spots. I'm looking for any random suggestions that a first-time tourist might enjoy outside of the normal list. Places you have taken guests that they loved? Places you love and think more people should enjoy? I have all age groups coming (from 20s to 70s) and would love to be able to transmit a bit of why we love BsAs. Thank you!
The Puerto de Frutos del Tigre - I've taken visitors there and they love it.
Two things we've done with first-time guests (which they loved); (1) Hot air baloon ride over the pampas, and (2) Helicopter ride over the city.

Both can be booked with a local tour agent like Tangol.

Good luck! :)
my top pics would be- (not in any particular order)

Un Altra Volta- anybody who doesnt like ice cream, in elegant surroundings, needs counseling.

El Ateneo- the coolest bookstore in the world. Takes your breath away the first time, you cant stop looking up.

A walk on Corrientes on a Saturday night- bookstores, record stores, restaurants, theaters, and best of all- lots and lots of Porteno's, being Porteno's.

Museo de Arte Decorativo- the grandeur of Argentina at its height. Have tea or coffee and a snack at the cafe in the garden.

Museo Xul Solar- crazy architecture, the hidden argentine soul, wild art.

A Bondiola sandwich from the pushcart on Dorego, in the Bosque Palermo. A beautiful setting, a grand park, great cheap food.

One of my favorite things to do, though, is just take the collectivo to a new barrio I havent been to before, and wander around. Eat, of course. I am working my way thru this book-
there is usually a destination in most any neighborhood.
El Ateneo, voted second best bookshop in the world, but that is perhaps ignoring the architecture. I don't know anyone who has gone in and not said Wow!
I'll just go ahead and add my own, too. There is a beautiful patio/garden nestled inside an old convent at Reconquista 269 downtown. There are a few places to eat lunch or you can take your own and find a spot in the garden (can be difficult to achieve at 1:00 on a beautiful day)