The 'oldies' plan to meet again


Oct 8, 2007
After Blackburn posted a thread for some 'older' expats to meet up - we did just that last week. Had a few bevvies and a curry - good night - and was nice to see some Argentinian friends come along too.

As, some others have said they couldn't make it, but would like to next time - I thought I'd offer a chance for a 'next time'. Everyone welcome - post your ideas and we'll organise another get together. Cheers.
Hello, Dolly....

I'm an "oldie" Argentinian - Porteña, to be exact - and would like to join you at the next get-together. Please keep me posted.

Nice to hear from you Sara and of course you are most welcome. I had an idea - based on a few things - I'm not a retiree with an offshore income - I teach english here, so I'm not flush with cash - but I know a few nice places. And I was thinking about the Peruvian restaurant - Status - in Congreso - it's not expensive - I think it's a great atmosphere with authentic Peruvian food - and attracts foreigners ( a lot of Peruvians - so that's a good sign) and locals. Maybe it could be a starting point to see if others are interested.