Time Out Buenos Aires?


Mar 7, 2008

I'm looking for a weekly or monthly publication of "what's on" in Buenos Aires -concerts, events, new restaurantes, etc. I tried to look at a magazine kiosk for Time Out but didn't see it. Does it exist? or something similar? (preferably in English but I can hopefully manage in Spanish as well)

Time Out exists here in both Spanish & English versions. It doesn't come out as often as it does in other counties. I think it only comes out once per season. I had a hard time finding it too. You really have to check in the more touristy areas and even then, I also think it sells out quickly especially since it doesn't come out that often.

To be honest, I don't find it that useful because of the limited editions. I'm sure there are more useful mags. Maybe someone else can tell us which ones.
I've seen "Time Out" for sale in Distal and other shops in Florida but never have bought a copy. Especially on Sundays, "La Nación" has listings that I find more useful.
Time Out comes out yearly and can be found at most streetside newspaper/magazine stands. It's not great, to be honest, and you'll have better luck reading local blogs and looking at the weekend editions of La Nacion for art listings.
thanks for the info all. looks like theres an opening in the market for a weekly guide!
Time Out Buenos Aires is a pretty decent guide- I found there reviews relatively true and the other info can at least be interesting to read one time over. Unfortunately its not a weekly like the one in New York- that was like my bible when I lived there. If you want better listings for events try clarin, for restaurants try oleo, and for bars and clubs just go out yourself, make mistakes and find the best places that you enjoy going to. I usually find that you can't really know if you will like a bar place by a review, you gotta experience it for yourself!
If you cant find a magazine copy, its online.

For music and art, though, I much prefer Whats Up-

also good, BuenosAliens, for dance music.

The internet is vastly superiour for things like event listings- even if you published weekly, you couldnt keep up, and I kinda doubt there are the advertisers to support a weekly paper here- I think thats one reason Time out is only quarterly- there just isnt the huge advertising budget here that there is in a place like New York.
There's a What's on section in BA Herald in English on some days of the week. For concert listings you can check ticketek.com.ar or for info on clubs, bars, restaurants you can see our site below which maybe of help