Told Jan/Feb closes down in B.A.?

Just spoke to a friend who suggested I spend at least Jan and Feb in the Lake District because Buenos Aires closes down during this time. Can this be true? I am speinding 6 months living in Buenos Aires and know this amount of time will not give me enough time to really get to know the city.
Also, I have lived in Spain and France and I dressed more formally so I ccould blend in there. Isn't this also true of Buenos Aires? Slacks, blouse, leather shoes?
P.S. Moving to Buenos Aires in Nov or Dec...can't wait!
Yes in many ways the city is pretty empty during Jan/Feb. Everyone goes on vacation. The ones with $$$ go to "Punta del Este" across the river in Uruguay....or down to the mountains to San MArtin de LOs Andes....Otherwise, the majority of the more middle class go to the beaches about 4 hours by car....(yuk in my opinion). I've been here 12 years and have a pretty good idea of things.
Will you be working?.....or just leisure?
Let me know any of your questions....been here and done quite a lot!
Take care
I will be in Argentina for a month, for most of Feb. and part of March. I want to see some coastal areas, and relax on or near the beach. Can anyone recommend where to go near (or far) from Buenos Aires, and how to go about getting a hotel or apartment rental?

Hi! First of all, I don't agree that the coastal areas are "yuk", unless you are talking about the inital ones like San Clemente, San Bernardo, etc...I happen to think Mar del Plata is a fun place, but prefer Carilò and Pinamar. I happen to have a house in carilò, so obviously I like the place, and I recommend it since it is a forest alongside the beach, has no paved roadsd or street lights, and a cute little center of town. There are a re few "balnearios", or you can go to the beach by public access.
You must reserve hotels ahead of time in Jan. Feb., and the majority are apart-hotels. The prices also rise considerably, then drop in March. Pinamar has more to offer is terms of shops & restaurants & diversion, but it doesn't have the same charm as carilò.
I suppose it's a matter of personal preferences, but I just thought I give some food for thought. Good luck!
1)BA is not dead in January-February. It´s just less frenetic than it is the rest of the year - still its livlier than most cities at their peak.
2)You´re right: Portenos generally dress conservatively and take a lot of interest in their appearance.3) Kimberly is right - Carilo is charming. Pinamar is OK. You can forget the rest of the Argentine coast.