Top Dog at EZE Customs Arrested


Aug 16, 2009
From Clarin:

I translated the parts that I found the most interesting:

Eight customs employees, including the Director of Customs at Ezeiza and two members of the Airport Security Police were arrested today after an investigation into contraband, according to investigation sources.

The arrests took place early this morning during raids ordered by a judge in the Federal Capital. The judge, Gustavo Meirovich, was investigating the supposed payment of bribes to let suitcases filled with goods pass through the controls at Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZE).

The investigation began at the end of 2009, following an incident where Chinese nationals were allowed to enter the country illegally. Yesterday investigators received a break in the case. In a flight that arrived to Buenos Aires at 10:30 from New York, two women -- whose movements were being monitored by judge's orders -- got off the plane.

"They had left the country with a handbag and returned with six suitcases filled with clothes, eye-glasses, and bags. Everything was going to be sold on the internet. The women passed through the controls without a problem because they had already paid a $400 USD bribe," said a source close to the investigation.

Definitely not surprised... I suppose these two women were from Argentina? And how would they know that they were planning to do this in order to monitor them? Very interesting...
bradlyhale said:
Definitely not surprised...

There isn't a soul in Argentina surprised by this. And there won't be the next time, either.