Tour de France


May 17, 2009
will be in Buenos Aires during le tour. Will it be broadcast on public television, or will I have to searching to find where I can watch it?
If you have internet connection you'll mostly likely find live commentary on versus, and perhaps video on Sites like are offering the Giro webcast, albeit with the delays that come with heavy usage. French sites should be offering the live webcasts for free.
I don't believe the route goes through Buenos Aires this year.
findyourways said:
Unless tour organizers took 'Paris of the South' a bit to literally. :p

I think that they might have for the "Paris/Dakar Rally", because it started and ended in The Paris of South America. :D
TV5 Latino, the International French canal

Maybe Tyc, ESPN or Fox has it but it seems unlikely eventhough Argentina does have a pretty good rider
actually if you have direct tv you get transmission on espn and on the french chanel (do not remember the name cause i only watch it during the tour de france) Between both it is pretty good

worse case is go on internet to and they will post an internet site that will transmit live right before the broadcast