Tourist visa reqs crossing from Uruguay

My brain hurts and this whole thing stinks... No one should be supporting illegal migration. This country has enough problems already without more people breaking the law. Pretending to be a refugee for the purpose of illegal entry is not cool.
There is religious persecution on catholics in Nigeria. I got citizenhip for the son of a pastor who was shoot in front of his familly and one of his names was godfavour. So, perhaps, he deserves refugee status.
Argentina is not a good place for you to come as a refugee. They have very few social services of quality and the Argentines are not welcoming to refugees like you. You won't be happy here. I suggest instead you go to Israel. Israel is a multicultural democracy that welcomes refugees from Africa, because Israel believes "diversity is our strength." I recommend you go to Israel, not Argentina.
Okay (the OP) is new to the forum and did not provide the reason why he wanted to enter Argentina through Uruguay to get a 90 day tourist visa when he started this thread. I didn't know why he didn't apply for the tourist visa at the Argentine Embassy in Nigeria and I was concerned that reading posts in this forum gave him the mistaken idea that if he could get to Uruguay he could cross into Argentina by ferry and get the 90 day visa. He never mentioned seeking asylum as a refugee in Argentina.

In a subsequent post in another thread he revealed the nature of his problem. He had already applied for a student visa at the Argentine Embassy in Nigerian and was not successful. Either they are giving him the "run around" (quite literally) or he made a mistake by sending his school documents to Argentina (to be validated by the Ministry of Education prior to his arrival.

This is what he posted about that issue:

...the )Argentine) embassy (in Nigeria) says that I must have my personal details uploaded in the National Direction of migration platform by the school, while the school said before it will be done, that I have to validate them first in the ministry of education. when we contacted the Ministry of Education of Argentina with my school documents presented to them, they said i have to provide proves to ensure that I know the Argentina language, culture and ethics. But am still in Nigeria and there us no how I can be there present, meanwhile the embassy says that they can't grant me a tourist visa in order to come to Argentina and complete the processes.
so am pleading if there is any way it can be done without me coming to Argentina. and my complete secondary school titles are already in Argentina.
please if there is anyone with possible means of help, should assist me please.
Perhaps someone here can provide a possible solution for him.
Lol racism.. They must be racist against every race then because myself as a white person had to go through so much shit and wait 1 year to get residence even though I had all my papers correct from the start.. It's not racism its bureaucracy. If it was for you I'm sure there would be no country borders and people could go where they want when they want. What a wonderful world that would be - you must not have studied evolution or history. I'm not sure what they force fed you at UBA but its some good shit !!