Translator needed...


Attorney in BA said:
Tinto, why do I "sound expensive"? Please email me at and I'll send you a quote for the translations you need (if you send me a scanned copy I'll give you the exact amount you will have to pay).

Also, our translator works as an interpreter, if needed.
It seemed to me that going through an attorney, and one that caters to expats, would be more expensive than going directly to the Colegio de Traductores Públicos, for example, and having them legalize the translations there.

I´m guessing it will cost 200-300 pesos since I have a diploma, transcript/analítico, birth certificate, and apostille for all of those documents. My transcript is lengthy.

I´ll let you all know who I ended up using and how it went.



as katie says, you can get the info from the CTPCBA website and then call around for rates (instead of going in person to the Colegio de Traductores Publicos and looking at their hard-copy list). thanks for the tip about remembering to go to corrientes 1834 afterwards for the legalization!

i will call tomorrow!


Remember, you can't just go through anyone that is bilingual for a public translation...even if you or your friend is bilingual could do an excellent job. It has to be a legally certified translator...or it doesn't count!

I called a legal translator for my English to Spanish legal documents, and she recommended I go by Tribunales. There are something like 15-20 places around there that do translations on LaValle between Talcahuano and Uruguay. You could get quoted a bunch of prices at once and shop around that way, though it might be more expensive than finding someone who works from home. (Though she works from and recommended this as more economical.) Plus, she said the turnaround is fast.