Travel to BA


Dec 28, 2006
Hola a todos.
I will be traveling to B.A in june and staying for about 6 months. I'v been trying to find the cheapest way to fly. I find that a round trip ticket is cheaper than a one way ticket, yet there is no airline that will issue a round trip ticket for more then 3 months. It appears that it is cheaper to buy a round trip ticket to B.A and then buy a round trip ticket back to the US, make no sense. I hope you experienced travelers can advise me of the best and cheapest way.
Ciao, Carl
I believe American Airlines offers tickets good up to a year, however the price is higher than a shorter excursion. Check with them.
So far I have flown here on American and either United or Continental. In both cases I flew the first leg and then called the airline and rescheduled the second leg for a much later date without paying a penalty. If you pay the little bit extra for a movable ticket you should not have any problems.
Not sure where you are coming from in the US but LAN will certainly sell you a ticket on their web site for longer than a 90 day return period. they are part of the American Airlines alliance and have a non stop from Miami to Buenos Aires. Also connecting flights through Lima and Santiago de Chile.
I just booked a round trip ticket with Continental and I was able to book 9 month out for a return flight. Since my return flight is next April the price difference between 3 months and 9 was $32 more dollars. Also I found out that to rebook it would just cost me $150 so I can keep changing it for every 9 months maybe, I have checked to see if there is a limit. Magic