travelling with teenage girls/safety??


The varying age thing is true, but the more you look like an extranjero from the States or Europe, the more lax they are with their rules.
Some places have night where it is 21+ for boys & 18+ for girls.
Also, there are at least two different boliches across the street from the cemetery. SAHARA (a multi-level place next to "Newport" ;-)... don't let them go in Newport at night) and PAGANA on a different side of the cemetery along Vicente Lopez (V.L. 2134).
They're not that great. And SAHARA can be outright "dead" some nights.


Sahara is one of the worst places i went in my life. I dunno about pagana, i don´t have too much expectations about it.


I know you probably know this already but for safety reason let me repeat this rape drugs are also present in here. ..Ectasy and all those pill and powder form drugs are also used here to laced is here as well as it is it is in the US, you know what to do. ..I am sure. Just thought it was worth mentioning here.
The news is covering an incident where " una pastilla" were used to drug their 2 victims at Gonzalez Catan at a boliche.