Two-day side trip from Buenos Aires -- ideas?


In June I am bringing my 19 and 14 year old daughters to BA -- we will be there for 11 glorious days -- and will be moving to BA semi-permanently in August. But I wanted to have them get a taste for the countryside on this trip, if it is logistically possible. Somehwere sort of spa like or glorious -- a place that would take a couple of hours drive with I guess me driving. Ideas? Thanks!!!


Hello Christine, god there are tons of places to visit around. You need not drive however, my sister and her husband were here a couple weeks ago and I arranged for a remis to take them to an estancia in Lobos and it cost .50 a kilometer that is about .16 us cents a kilometer. I think the total was maybe $arg 200 for the round trip. Anyway here is a link to estancias and I am sure you can find a suitable place.