Under-wire Rant


Jun 25, 2009
I have purchased 5 bras here. The first one I hunted down a Maidenform Bra, and paid over 150 pesos almost 2 years ago. I realized that that was just way too expensive, so since then I have purchased 4 Argentine brand bras that ranged from 30-70 pesos and seemed to be good quality. Since then 3 of the 4 Argie brand bras have had the (very painful) under-wire poke through the fabric and into my skin. I have seen a few dissected bras from home and they all have little plastic coverings on the end of the metal to prevent the under-wire from tearing the fabric and your skin. Are there any companies here that do this?

Another issue that I have with these bras is that all of the bra straps seem to be detachable. I don't understand why. It is so annoying and potentially embarrassing when these inevitably come undone.

I guess that is the end of my rant.
ahhhhhh I thought I was the only one getting pinched with these wires grrrrrrrr Selu will pinch, Getien will give you the same treatment. I will have to stick to my Triumph ones or get the models without underwire...
Hmm well Bras should be replaced every 6 months even when you're talking about American/European quality... so here I hope for 3 months if lucky. I usually stock up on a bunch when I go home though, and just keep them for the future. Triumph is ok here. Dulce Carola usually has something that I can get away with.

The detachable straps is so you can change the configuration if you're wearing a T-back or halter top shirt. I actually find that bit a smart idea, but I wish they did cup sizes here -- some brands do but not all.
6 months to replace bras? Eh? Mine last much longer. However, this is SO important - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put them in the washer or dryer. Washer/dryer causes them to stretch, bend, lose elasticity and shape. Handwash only and hang to dry. I am a bit of a bra/lingerie fanatic and nothing runs them faster than putting them in washer/dryer.

Bras here are horrible. I am seriously kicking around the idea of starting a lingerie store that offers the options of a) band/cup sizing and b)custom fitting. The cm makes zero sense. Two people with the same size in cms can have radically different rib cage sizes.

I have yet to find a bra that fits me here - have a teensy ribcage and am vey buxom and since they're natural, I want support. Nothing fits so I stock up in NY when I'm back (I find french lingerie is the best made/fitting for me).
I stock up on a lot of things (too many things!) every time I go home. I am trying to break myself of this addiction, and this was one step towards that process. I like the items they have in Caro Cuore but they are also very expensive. I guess you get what you pay for = )
I second the never washing. I invested in some new Vickys when i started my last relationship 2.5 years ago. I still have them, I always hand wash them and they are still in decent shape. Prior to that I definatley had my share of attempted open heart surguries via rogue underwires ;)
I love lingerie too... -addict- doesn´t even cover it! :)

Before I moved here, I remember reading a NYT article (dated 1995) that said in BA alone there are more than 2,000 shops and boutiques that specialize in women's underwear and lingerie -- in comparison, there are 1,460 grocery stores in the city.

Naturally I got really excited! Then when I arrived, I was sorely disappointed: quantity over quality!

That said, there are some higher-end local designers here that I want to check out, like Jesús Fernández and Jane Pain -- to name a couple, but there are others... I have a list hee hee hee... for a peep of eye candy, here´s http://www.jesus-fernandez.com.ar/home_en.html
syngirl said:
Hmm well Bras should be replaced every 6 months even when you're talking about American/European quality... /quote]

Hmm well, I don't know where you buy your bras, what sort of handstands you expect them to do, how often you wear them, how big you are or what you are putting them through but a well cared for high quality bra, regardless of where it comes from, lasts me several years. I wear a large cup size, am quite active and am not overly cautious with my underthings and I have a number of very nice bras and panties, sets, that have lasted me more than five years with no stains, tears, frays, runs, sags or any underwires poking through the fabric. If you buy from Victoria's Secret in the states and a bra of theirs wears out in under a couple of years you can call them and they'll replace it for free. They replaced one once for me, I didn't even ask as it would never have occurred to me, after 5 years. If VS will do that clearly they expect their products to last.

Bras should not be washed in the washing machine, ever, especially underwires. Other than that Syngirl, I can't imagine what sort of torture you're putting the poor things through...