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citygirl said:
Except the part about 9/11. Which I saw. And where a lot of people I knew died. Blaming that on the government I don't find funny at all. I found it insulting and offensive, especially since the vast majority of those talking about it weren't there.

I find it funny that you defend the very same people that killed your friends.
citygirl said:
Oh and Stella-Negra, nope - I don't find the current problems that the US economy going through particularly funny. However, unlike you, I don't tend to take any glee in any country going through rough times. Perhaps that's the difference between you and I.

But you just did. You went on and off on how funny you thought it was.
stella-negra said:
But you just did.

Just did what?

Do you read for comprehension? What I find amusing is the level of hysteria and condemnation on this thread. What I find amusing is the twisting of facts to support some far-fetched theory.

What I don't find amusing or take pleasure in, is reveling in is the very real problems that the US economy is facing. Unlike you.

Methinks if the US economy goes belly up, a lot of other countries are going to suffer the after-shocks. So all of those who are reveling in the fact that these problems are happening might be facing consequences as well.

But then again, as you mentioned, karma. ;)
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