updated list of items for sale - moving sale


Sep 28, 2008
we are preparing for our move to the states in a few months and have many items for sale.
send me a message if you are interested in any and i will respond with a photo, leave your email address.

sony 32' LCD flat screen monitor U$S750
black 80gb ipod lastest generation U$S150
10 cup coffee maker $40p -(not available until the last week of march)
logitech speaker dock for ipod $125p
glass pie dish $20p
cheese grater $5p
small glass casserole dish $15p
wok $20p
large laundry basket $10p
cordless phone (basic) $60p
cordless phone with speaker, caller ID, answering machine $90p
HP office jet printer/all in one Model HP 7410 $250p
xbox 360 U$S335
stainless steel spice rack with 20 glass bottles $60p
womens rain galoshes black size 8US $40p
nintendo wii (2 controls, 2 nunchuks, wii play, wii sports & golf game) U$S300
hair dryer $30p
king size feather duvet & cover with 2 matching pillow cases $75p
ephiphone acoustic guitar (new) w/ stand U$S175
lots of baby items - clothes, toys, walker, high chair, crib, blankets, avent bottles etc. (different prices)
Might be interest on the epiphone acoustic guitar... what model is it?
what are the sizes of the pie dish and the casserole dish
the pie dish is the standard 9inch i believe, and the casserole dish is small probably 9x5