US credit card not accepted anymore


At Coto supermarkets while using a USA credit card the cashier called the supervisor who instructed her on how to use it. When swiped on the side doesn't work must be inserted in the front of the device. Sometimes debit cards must be read as Credit to work...?
CC with the chip will be rejected when swiped. Must be inserted in front of the device.
Stores pay an additional 10% for the cards? REALLY? Then Argentina must be the only country in the world that does that.
Forget getting local credit cards - the requirements are extremely strict and it won't be possible to qualify if you can't show that you have a job in the country and a regular income.
We use them without any trouble at coffee shops and restaurants. But they've been now blocked at Express and DIA supermarkets.
I've had my Chase card rejected at Dia. It didn't surprise me. Dia may be cheap, but it's the worst supermarket chain. The stores are filthy, disorganized, and the employees are generally awful.

My theory is they have the "POSNET" machine below the cash register or in the back room, but either a) the employees don't know you need to use it for foreign credit cards or b) just don't care.

There's no conspiracy to stop foreigners from using their credit cards. In fact, Buenos Aires is more credit card friendly than ever before. Dia is just a disaster.

Just go to a different supermarket chain. Foreign credit cards work at Coto, Carrefour, Jumbo, Disco, etc.
I've used my USA Visa cards in my recent trip to Patagonia with the airline, at the hotel, and some tourist agencies and they worked well.
In the past they had been rejected in some places in Buenos Aires, reason why I usually avoid using them within this country.
No problems for me with foreign credit cards in BA but one concern I have is having to give them my DNI. Doesn't this info get monitored by the Argentine government? If so, do we want them to know that we have foreign credit cards?