VERA CRUZ restaurant (P.Soho) + + + +


May 5, 2008
Ok, the stupid "+" signs are to indicate it's going to be a positive review.

I went to Vera Cruz on Thursday night for drinks and munchies. Here's the Guia Oleo link:

The inside was dead, but we got a table on the sidewalk (ALWAYS a plus). The table of ~5 people next to us was eating something that had a ton of different ramicans like this...


...filled with different things. It looked yummy. And before we knew it, the waiter was trying to up-sale the dish. It's kind of a poo-poo platter, tapas bar, Mexican food sampler. And it was awesome. Here's roughly what came with it in individual ramicans:

-stewed pork
-stewed beef
-stewed chicken
-refried black beans
-grilled onions & something else delicious
-spicy chocolate mole
-sour cream
-tortilla chips
one or two other things and Corn & Flour tortillas.

TONS of flavor. F---ing delicious. I'm totally going back!

The dish was for two people and was AR$75, but it was all we ate. We didn't really need much more. We drank some Micheladas and that was our experience.

I want to recommend the place, because it wasn't very busy. But when a restaurant has flavorful food in Buenos Aires, you don't want it to disappear.
Thanks Napoleon, Resturant recommendations are always interesting:)
OK, so making sure that restaurants that serve food with flavor survive is too important to let this thread drop.

I was thinking about this restaurant all weekend and telling everybody I know how good it was. There's a possibility that I'll go back sometime during the week, but this time I would just order an entree (plato principal). Maybe some guac for starters... after living practically my whole life in Texas and California, it's hard to turn down guac.

Es rrrrrrrrrrriiccoooooooo!
I haven't been for a couple of years, but it was nothing to write home about...hopefully it's improved!
I actually won a free dinner from them from Anyways, I went in and they acted like they didn't know who I was so I had to go home, email the website, then go back to Vera Cruz. When I went back, the man who I perceive as the manager, said it was only valid on certain days at which point I told them it was the 2nd time I was there for my free meal and I was not coming back a 3rd time! The man agreed to give it to me.

The food was okay. The guacamole was AMAZING I have to say. I got beef fajitas. I got 3 corn tortillas, the meat was delicious, but the rice and beans were dry and bland. They have a margarita special but I thought they were gross. I would go back for chips and guacamole and a beer--that's about it
I agree.. nothing to write home about. Probably one of my least favorites in the city - there are other places (la fabrica and taco box) that are better.

I've heard good things about casa carranza, but i have yet to try it:
I glanced at the thread title and thought "I think that's that Mexican place I went a few years ago."

Then I started reading the review and I thought "That's just as I had remembered it... when was this original post written?"

Then I noticed that I wrote the original post. :eek:

I guess that that explains why our experiences were so similar.

I went twice back in 2008 and I haven't been back since. There are more options now. I even noticed advertising for California Burrito Company (CBC) on the subte today. Apparently they have about 6 stores, plus are now in other countries as well. Those guys have really done well. Especially considering they came here and started that thing when the 3 of them were in their early-mid 20s.